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Admin Pastor 1.0 by
REQUIRES iOS: 4.0 For iDevices: all
CATEGORY: Productivity
Price: 0.99$

Finally, an App for Pastors, Worship Leaders, and Ministers!

Track your Messages, Worship Songs, Attendance, or Passage used for every service or event!

This is the Perfect App for pastors, worship leaders, student pastors and staff members to bring accountability and productivity to the palm of your hand. With 15 years of ministry experience This Generation Now brings the Admin Pastor to Life for the local church staff members!

NOTE: Senior Pastors, The Admin Pastor is the perfect gift and tool to allow you to bring accountability and provide a way to track accountability for each of your staff members. The Admin Pastor can also be used on the ipod touch.

- Message Name
- Dates
- Rate your own message
- Easy Bible text reference look up
- Add your Attendance

The Admin Pastor keeps a running total of all your service attendance in your own personal library.

Mind map and write vision, messages or To Do list in the Admin Pastors personal Write pad. With Email, you can email straight from the Admin Pastor.

Stay Accountable with Prints. The Admin Pastor will ask you to supply 2 email addresses upon buying the Admin Pastor. Mainly your Spouse and your Accountability partner. Each week you will be asked to fill out a few questions and those questions answers will be emailed to those two people. WOW!

Next, the Admin Pastor allows you to advertise or check out the coolest things going on from speakers, worship leaders, conferences, camps and more in LINKS.

Every Pastor should have the Admin Pastor!
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Languages: EN
Apple AppStore ID: 330714873

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